Whakaraupō Waka

Whakaraupō Waka has been developed by The Whakaraupō Carving Centre Trust (WCCT) to support in the delivery of its kaupapa and primary objectives which is centred around WCCT's obligation to promote and uphold the mana, tikanga of our Atua, our Tupuna and Environment. This allows our organisation to provide specialised cultural education and training with a strong focus on providing positive experiences and memories with all that we engage with.


Whakaraupō Waka is a vital component of our organisations kaupapa and strategic plan and has based its mahi around the following kaupapa:

  • The continuation of the required on-going leadership, support and participation in the management and delivery of Waka based programmes delivered by Whakaraupō Kura 


  • Continue to undertake ongoing research & development in the use of contemporary materials and technologies and understanding what types of cultural impacts these may have on traditional waka design and construction methodologies, techniques and  Mātauranga.

  • Lead in the design and project planning of all waka construction mahi

  • Lead the design process and continue to develop the Whakakaupapa of a Waka Hourua that will represent our place.

  • Kanohi engagement with Whakaraupō Kura, Whakaraupō Whakairo and Whakaraupō Toi, Kura, community groups and crown agencies in the promotion of our Waka  kaupapa.



Whakaraupō Waka will be implementing and developing new ways in which we can engage with all people of our communities, looking at new ideas with a focus on waka research and development and providing a waka resource that allows for engagement and inclusion, to go paddling and sailing in our place. 

You can keep up to date with Whakaraupō Kura and Whakaraupō Waka by signing up as a member of the Whakaraupō Whare Wananga or call by the Whakaraupō Carving Centre. 



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