Who are we?

Whakaraupō Carving Centre is a non-profit Charitable Trust that was established by whanau members of Te Hapū o Ngati Wheke in 2010.
Its purpose has  been to uphold the mana of Te Ao Maori.  It's prime focus has been to uphold the mana and tikanga of whakairo kaupapa toi and preserve the ancient teachings of our tupuna. We are driven to equip people with the knowledge of our heritage, our reo and culture, to promote and uphold Tino Rangatiratanga.

As a Maori Leadership organisation in the Arts sector, the Whakaraupō Carving Centre is adaptable and innovative by supporting the aspirations of a generation and enhancing the dreams of future generations and preparing for an understanding of the essence of past generations.

The Whakaraupo Carving Centre is proactive in supporting Toi Practitioners throughout Aotearoa and continues to explore new and innovative ways to deliver its kaupapa in an ever changing environment.


Our organisation has developed an engagement process that incorporates six Toi Principles which are entrenched throughout our organisations kaupapa, our Strategic Plan, Occupational Health & Safety Policies and Procedures.

Our creative process allows our Toi Practitioners to support and educate our Kaiwhakairo, Kaiako and Tauira to design, create and maintain Mahi Toi for generations well into the future. Our purakau and korero used are embodied and represented in a kaupapa Maori artistic form and embellishment in a style that is unique to our place. 

Toi Maori exists in the wairua of our people and drives them towards wider horizons and great achievements. This connection can never be analysed, retracted or broken. It will always exist.


'Hei pupuri to aho te wananga

Hei kawe i nga huna a Rua'


To perpetuate the hidden schools of Rua

Commission Mahi

The Whakaraupo Carving Centre Trust has been commissioned to  create many Taonga Whakairo for hapu, iwi, whanau, community groups, schools, Government Agencies and commercial clients. Our hui and korero process allows our Kaiwhakairo to undertake rangahau, explore creative ides, methods, materials and purakau to inform a desired design. Our Kaiwhakairo also ensure that we identify the tikanga and kawa to be used throughout the creative process.

Commission enquiries can be made on our website by clicking here

Toi Aro

Whakaraupo Carving Centre delivers Toi Aro, a Kaupapa Maori Toi based programme designed for at risk youth, schools and community groups with the generous support of funding providers. Toi Aro is a Kaupapa Maori Toi principle that is centred around self reflection, resolving ways to conceive new ideas, think imaginatively, explore possibilities, evaluate and test solutions and explore personal limits. It also allows tauira to analyse their behaviours and beliefs. Toi Aro is designed to allow tauira to develop a creative skill set by utilising the Whakapapa of Making which promotes creativity in Kaupapa Maori Toi. Toi Aro can be aligned to suit Raranga / Weaving and Rauangi / Visual Arts.


School Groups

Through our Kaupapa Toi programmes we provide tauira new skills that are based around the six Toi Principles:

Toi Awe (creative process)

Toi Hanga (creating)

Toi Iro (rangahau/research)

Toi Raupapa (project planning)

Toi Aro (self-reflection)

Toi Hua (presenting a finished creative piece)


Tauira are able to connect to their whakapapa, their identity, and help them reach for their true potential.

We can also tailor a programme to suit a schools needs such as a collective creative project. Tauira learn about Māori history, narratives, tikanga, kawa and Kaupapa Maori Toi.


Whakaraupō Kura

We are running Raranga and Whakairo School Holiday programmes.

Contact us now for bookings:

+64 3 741 1410